CSI: NY Medical Examiner

living here in the morgue

Sid Hammerback, M.E.
24 September
Name: Dr. Sid Hammerback
Occupation: Coroner/Medical Examiner for the New York CSI department
Status: Married
Children: Two girls, one in college

Not Canon
First Wife: Julia (divorced)
Second/Current Wife: Lillian
Oldest Daughter: Samantha
Youngest Daughter: Michelle
Family Pet: tabby cat named Leonard

Established in convos: Sid used to be drummer in a band back in the sixties. He is also doesn't like flying in airplanes. Doesn't tend to follow classic sports teams or games.

Icons made from screencaps at CSI Caps

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I do not own the character of Sid Hammerback or the actor who plays him on CSI: NY, Robert Joy. This journal is for fun and roleplaying only. No swearing, sex, or slash tolerated, the mun and the character are not into that.

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